Teens Blog what's it all about?

Teens Blog what's it all about?

We warmly welcome you all to our blog. It is aimed primarily for teenage girls whose heart and soul feel young.

You will find here lots of advices on issues related to the problems of every teenager. Why our website is unique? It is aimed at teenage girls and written by teenage girls so the editorial staff understands your needs and problems. You will find many interesting things, you'll learn something about the variety of cosmetics, love, fashion, beauty.

We guess you probably did not even know what an apple can do. Or do not know how to pick up a boyfriend? What is now fashionable? How to look nice and paint your nails? Or maybe you need a great hairstyle? What to eat and how to train to have a great figure? The answers to these questions can be found on our website.

On this teens blog we will try to answer any of your questions. The articles are divided into 14 categories, so it will be easier to find what you're looking for. You will find news on a variety of topics: music, festivals, TV shows and series.

A lot of young people forget about spending time actively and healthily. Young people often spend their free time in front of computer or TV. Often, eat a lot of fast foods and sweets. Of course, you can eat them, but in low amounts, and you have to remember that this is not healthy. By doing  this you grow poor posture, poor immunity, flat feet and a crooked spine. Let us remember that sport is the only 'drug'. Do not starve yourself to become slimmer because your body (especially in adolescence) needs all the nutrients in adequate amounts. You only need to reduce the 'your dish plate' and practice. Instead of sitting in front of computer and TV, go to the yard to ride a bike or roller skates. Play volleyball or basketball. There are a lot of kind of sports, so everyone can find something suitable for himself. We'll publish all these ideas on this teens blog. Cheers!